Swift WatchKit Tutorial – Part 5: Guessing Game – Episode 3

This is the 5th tutorial on WatchKit App Programming with Swift. Furthermore, this is the third episode on how to program a guessing game with WatchKit.
Today, we will continue with our guessing game and we will add the following elements and mechanisms to it

a) We will add a counter that will make sure that our player can only guess 3 times in order to win the game. And if he / she counted wrong more than 3 times, the player loses the game.
b) Moreover, we will create a label indicating the amount of clicks left to the user. By doing this, we keep the user informed about how many guesses he is away from losing the game.
c) We will change the string of the hurry up label from “Hurry up!” to “You won,” in case the player guessed the correct city where the world’s tallest church is located.

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