33 articles Android Libraries

This is the stack of the Android library recommendations available on AppShocker. Feel free to browse through them and learn more about Android libraries useful for your Android projects. Remember, try to shock the world with your amazing programming skills.

ContentProviderHelper – Sample App For Understanding ContentProviders

This library is actually an app that explains and instructs how to use ContentProviders. To be more precise, it helps developers to discover and query content providers. You can add and delete your own URIs manually or search for all available content providers on the device. Check it out here: https://github.com/jenzz/ContentProviderHelper

Android Process Button – Indicating The Process Via Buttons

This Android Process Button library gives you the possibility to integrate already developed process mechanisms in your app. To be more exact, this library offers the means to make buttons indicate the process of a tasks. For example, indicating that a download process is still in place after having clicked on a button. This is very…

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