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This is a stack of tutorials dealing with how to program iOS apps with the new programming language by Apple, Swift.

Swift WatchKit Tutorial – Part 1: The Basics Explained in Detail for Getting Started

Learn how to program Apple Watch apps with Swift. This is the first part of a Swift WatchKit programming tutorial series. In this video, you will learn the following: First, we will analyze how to setup Xcode so that we can create WatchKit apps. Second, we will find out what types of Apple watches are…

Introduction to Swift Development Lesson 1: Strings

1.¬†Introduction to Swift Development Lesson 1: Strings 1.1.¬†Scope of This Tutorial In this tutorial, we will focus on how to use the Swift String class. In general, knowing how to use strings in any programming language is essential for fundamental development tasks, such as displaying texts to a user. As a result, we will learn…

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