Attila Alexander Teglas has written 58 articles

Attila is a freelance software architect, project manager, consultant, and instructor with more than eight years of experience in the software industry. He developed and managed projects for elite universities, medium-sized companies, multi-national corporations, and the European Union.

He has been developing mobile applications, primarily iOS and Android, for more than five years.

Furthermore, he conducted more than 150+ architecture reviews and audits of mobile apps, scrutinizing and detecting issues & defects for the improvement of these projects.

Regularly, he lectures iOS and Android development to computer science students. Attila rejoices teaching the possibilities and pitfalls of iOS and Android development, giving students the skillset to develop their own high quality apps.

While not writing apps, Attila improves his Chinese and Russian language skills and he travels the world with his beautiful wife.

Swift Programming for iOS 101 – Part1: The Basics

Many of you have followed the recent Apple Keynote (June 2, 2014)  introducing a new programming language for creating iOS and Mac OS apps. It is quite astonishing introducing Swift as the new default programming language for Apple’s platforms, as Objective-C has already been established as the core programming language for so many years. Nonetheless,…

ContentProviderHelper – Sample App For Understanding ContentProviders

This library is actually an app that explains and instructs how to use ContentProviders. To be more precise, it helps developers to discover and query content providers. You can add and delete your own URIs manually or search for all available content providers on the device. Check it out here:

Android Process Button – Indicating The Process Via Buttons

This Android Process Button library gives you the possibility to integrate already developed process mechanisms in your app. To be more exact, this library offers the means to make buttons indicate the process of a tasks. For example, indicating that a download process is still in place after having clicked on a button. This is very…

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